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ASM8 Macro Assembler v9.68

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SHA1: dbe12c0d8b3f1ab6d565381cabe0a586a697482d
MD5 : 594cff98b70640970bcd8c74b9ab4746

A very powerful command-line MC68HC[S]08 (9S08) cross-assembler that can generate source-level MAP files, S19, LST, ERR, and SYM files. No installation needed as it is a single executable file! Assembles many files in one command. Supports up to 125 (nested) INCLUDE files. Full path error reporting for smart IDE. User-defined (chained or nested) macros including (macro-level or local) loops, and parameter manipulation. Includes extra instructions (built-in macros), and several assembler directives for controlling listing, source-level mapping, tabs, case sensitivity, extra instructions, segments, etc. Optional automatic stack offset adjustments makes stack-based variables appear static even as stack size changes. Automatic use of Direct Mode without possibility of phasing errors. Supports (nested) conditional assembly with user messages/errors/warnings. Up to 10 assembly-time symbol value assignments. Local labels within each main/included file, or user-defined scope. Embedded expressions within strings, messages, labels. Supports MMU paging (Win32/Linux only). Not crippled in any way. DOS (GO32V2 DOS extender built-in), Linux i386, and Win32 versions available.
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