Electronics & Computing Services

We are a company of highly motivated and committed electronics & software engineers with more than 25 years of individual experience.

We have worked for big and small products and big and small clients, either for technical or non-technical industries.

We provide complete solutions from PCB design to full product design and software development.  We can also provide parts of our client's solutions.

Our clients talk directly with highly skilled engineers who have full understanding of their technical issues, and not some salesmen or middlemen.

ASPiSYS can also handle your prototypes or volume production, no matter how small or big.

Founded in 1997, we have designed hundreds of long lived electronic products, including hardware and software device solutions across industries ranging from consumer electronics through industrial automation and data acquisition.

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Design and Development of Electronics and Software Systems

We're always ready for the next challenge. Our services include:

  • Embedded Software Development
  • Assemblers, Compilers, Simulators, Development Systems, RTOS
  • Digital Design
  • Analog Design
  • RF Design
  • Power Design
  • PCB Design (schematic & layout)
  • PCB Assembly (SMT and/or THT)
  • Turnkey Product Design
  • Consultancy
  • Other Services
  • Small or large-scale SQL-based databases, PHP, scripting (Python, Lua, etc.)
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