PCB Manufacturing & Assembly
We can manufacture and/or assemble your (SMT or THT components) PCBs for you. We can also manufacture your prototypes as we accept very small or even single PCB orders. We can handle large productions even complete product manufacturing.
For bare PCBs:
IMPORTANT: The selection ‘Production Days’ in the PCB Cost Calculator application refers to the time needed for production and delivery to us (i.e., from the factory to us, not you). Therefore, unless you’re in Athens, Greece and will pick up in person, you should allow for additional shipping time from us to you (depending on destination, this can be from one day to about ten days, roughly the @number shown next to your country). High-volume productions will have to be put on a schedule for batch deliveries, and you should always select the 25-day (lowest-cost) pricing.
For PCBA (PCB Assembly) with either SMT and/or THT components:
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VAT charges are applicable to all. Exemption is possible only for certain categories (i.e., non-Greek EU companies with valid VAT ID and non-EU companies with appropriate Tax ID for their country, for which an invoice must be issued.) We confirm all Tax ID information with the EU or foreign bureaus. You will not be exempt of VAT if we can’t confirm your supplied company information. If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for VAT exemption, you should always consider the price inclusive of VAT.
Quoted prices already include progressive discounts based on the requested quantities, and apply strictly to prepaid orders. No further discounts will be offered. Any other payment arrangements (when available) will only inflate the prices.